Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Movie Review

As an actress I would obviously take a huge interest in the release of the Nelson Mandela movie. I’m disappointed, however, that South Africa does not seem to be ready to put South African in leading roles; especially in South African stories. In my books it should go without say, but there are, as always, business considerations to address which will always see the film and media industry import talent from elsewhere in order to sell.

In the light of the release of the Nelson Mandela film, Long Walk to Freedom, Fikile Mthwalo has expressed her own frustrations. Through her popular video blog “H8 Post” she gives, not commentary on the film itself, but the happenings behind the scenes. As a South African actress, she details in the video her constant dissatisfaction with the portrayal of South African (and African) icons by non South African actors. Although she looks up to established actresses featured in the Mandela movie such as Terry Pheto, Fikile Mthwalo still has the feeling that this is not enough to adequately tell African stories and represent acting talent in South Africa.


  1. Kevin


    I wonder if it was too soon for another Nelson Mandela project after the mostly forgettable Invictus and the completely forgotten Winnie Mandela. But if nothing else, the film promised a starring vehicle for an actor who badly deserved one.

  2. Siphokazi


    I agree with you Fikile, this is an African story that should have been told by fellow Africans. How can our local actors/actresses progress under such conditions. For someone who has been to Africa this is #fail #flop.

  3. Kagiso


    I disagree with you @Siphokazi, my thinking is that give the job to the man who deserves it, Being African, Brit or Asian is not a fact. You wanted the director to give the leading role to one of our Generations actors? lol Give us a break

  4. Siphokazi


    @Kagiso – Clearly you have no clue about acting. I suggest you go and read “An Actor Prepares’ by Constantin Stanislavski. Come back and talk to us then.

  5. Kagiso


    @Siphokazi, I am only 16 and learning the industry.

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