• Borrowed Time

    Orange Babies (HIV NGO) Advert: Borrowed Time

    There’s no reason for another baby to be born with HIV. With the right treatment, education and support the mother-to-child transmission of HIV rate is less than 1.7%.


  • Zak on Isidingo

    Actress Fikile Mthwalo shares some tidbits about herself and the character she plays, "Zak", on the hit daily drama Isidingo on SABC 3.


  • Lack of Creativity in South Africa

    Writing creatively about anything has its difficulties. But needs to be done. After my experiences: rejection and waiting endlessly for call backs and such, i decided i was gonna write. Jeez! mammoth task. but if i don't, who will? Luckily i live in South Africa, shenanigan-land. There's plenty to draw inspiration from.


  • How to Deal with Audition Rejection

    How to Deal with Audition Rejection | Audition Rejection

    How many times do you get rejected a month? None? Once or Twice? Well, try rejection everyday! No Jokes. An actor has to face rejection in some of the most merciless and inconsiderate ways possible. To be expected right? Well, quite frankly, one never gets used to it. If you, like me, are an actor, here are some "fun" ways to get over rejection. You can thank me later.


  • DA Agang Deal

    The disaster Helen Zille created by partnering with Agang.
    Produced by: Fikile Mthwalo
    Fikile Mthwalo

    DA Agang Deal | Ramphele Dumps DA | Zille Blunder

    Twenty years after democracy and South Africa is in trouble. DA the only (noteworthy) opposition party decides to appoint Dr Mamphele Ramphela as their presidential candidate. One problem, she is the presidential candidate and head of her own party, Agang. As if their union wasn't dubious enough, the Dr then leave the DA a week later throwing her own credibility and that of both parties down the toilet.


  • Lesego Daniel Grass Eating Congregation

    Grass Eating Church Members | Lesego Daniel

    Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries Seems to think that ordering his congregation to eat grass will bring the closer to GOD? He's not only got them eating grass, but he beats on them and steps on them, claiming they don't feel anything. REALLY? When will people start questioning what is clearly bullshit and start making up their own minds?


  • Elders Using Condoms to Ease Joint Pain

    Elderly South Africans 'rub condoms on their knees to ease arthritis pain'

    This is part 2! Strange things are happening, now elderly people in Mpumalanga are rubbing condoms on sore joints because they think it will make the pain go away. Who is behind this rubbish. First Pastors get church members to eat grass and now this. South Africa has one of the highest HIV AIDS numbers in the world, we literally CANNOT afford this.


  • Genetically Modified Foods Harmful or Helpful?

    Genetically Modified Foods Dangers | GMO Health Risks

    GMO, such a important topic to discuss! There is conflict though. Champions of the GMO movement use the time old excuse that GMO is feeding millions of hungry children in Africa. This may be the case, but how much do we know about what really goes into the foods that we are eating? There is evidence to suggest that the tampering on foods to suit the worlds commercial needs can be harmful to the body. Will it ever stop?


  • Secret Santa Gifts


  • Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Movie Review

    As an actress I would obviously take a huge interest in the release of the Nelson Mandela movie. I’m disappointed, however, that South Africa does not seem to be ready to put South African in leading roles; especially in South African stories. In my books it should go without say, but there are, as always, business considerations to address which will always see the film and media industry import talent from elsewhere in order to sell.

    In the light of the release of the Nelson Mandela film, Long Walk to Freedom, Fikile Mthwalo has expressed her own frustrations. Through her popular video blog "H8 Post" she gives, not commentary on the film itself, but the happenings behind the scenes. As a South African actress, she details in the video her constant dissatisfaction with the portrayal of South African (and African) icons by non South African actors. Although she looks up to established actresses featured in the Mandela movie such as Terry Pheto, Fikile Mthwalo still has the feeling that this is not enough to adequately…


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