Every fabric of my being is coated with the finesse,flair and discipline that came with the name ‘Fikile’.

Indeed as ‘the one that has arrived’ I am inextricably bound to these facets of my being. I am a layered individual, fixated on all creative possibilities that the world has to offer. I am a South African Actress, film producer and TV Presenter based in Johannesburg – the City of Gold. More and more I begin to understand the capacity I posses as a South African actress – I can be anything or anyone at anytime; and I am:

My film producer self is driven by a paternally inherited entrepreneurial spirit that wants to bring ideas to life. And for the times I want to bring something tangible to the table, I am a scriptwriter and blogger.

Here you are also ‘Fikile’ so….WELCOME!

Here she is – the South African Actress, Fikile

Acting is not about what we say to each other – it is about how we affect each other. I am a South African actress and in my country we have 11 official languages. When the spoken word fails to communicate an idea, my actions must be powerful enough to relay any message. I began my acting career in Cape Town but like any successful South African actress (or actor) the move to Johannesburg was necessary. Born to parents of mixed descent from countries including Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Lesotho; I have my roots firmly implanted in the African soil. I am proud carrier of the African emblem and have devoted my life to sharing stories that are uniquely African. I wish to be part of a handful of South African actresses like Terry Pheto and Charlize Theron; incredible women that have bared the African torch with poise and pride on international film sets. Please click here to read more about my acting roles.

The Journey to being ‘Film Producer’

One does not just wake up and decide that they want to be a producer; the titles ‘film producer‘ much like ‘film executive producer’ or ‘film director‘ are earned. It takes a lot time and hard work. I am blessed to have studied at the University of Cape Town however, I quickly learnt that I was going to have to gain experience in my chosen field of study. I remember it clearly. In our first film production class a big “30%” was written on the board. Upon further enquiry we were informed that the percentage represented those of us who would actually continue on to work in the film industry; there were 600 of us. I made it…PHEW! The business of film, encapsulated in film production, excites me. With an entrepreneurial flair that was passed onto me from my father, my film producer side will always call me.

TV Presenter

At home, TV was more regular than film. At every opportunity, I would watch kids programming just to see my favourite children’s TV presenters come on. Their charisma intrigued me. I felt like we were the best of friends! Of course this wasn’t the case, but I so badly join them. At the age of 16 a film producer pulled me off the street; a week later I was a TV presenter on Lesotho’s first current awareness show. Being a TV host is about engaging my audience and commanding their attention consistently. It is assumed that being a TV presenter and being an actress is the same thing. It isn’t! They are separate crafts and each must be treated with the utmost respect. South Africa’s media landscape is challenging and as a female TV host, I have had to overcome my fair share of obstacles; rejection becomes your best friend and your skin as thick as a crocodile’s. I welcome all the hurdles, they make me love this job even more!

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